Reply All: Yes Yes No

Reply All is a podcast by Gimlet Media. Hosted by Alex Goldman and P.J. Vogt, Reply All is all about sharing intriguing stories about technology and the internet and covers everything from the latest trends in robocalling to Mitt Romney's secret Twitter account. One segment of Reply All, Yes Yes No, is a sort of game in which the hosts decode a Tweet usually given to them by their boss. Because their boss cannot decipher the convoluted language of memes and internet controversy, this segment is named after the collected responses of the following question: “Do you understand this Tweet?”


  • Typography and palette
  • Storyboard
  • Motion graphics, video
  • Sound editing
  • Branded ephemera

Building Blocks

Since Yes Yes No is a segment that stands out from the rest of the podcast, especially in its format, the goal of this project was to give it its own identity. The approach was to emphasize the premise. What exactly does anything on Twitter mean? The concept of information is symbolized by a simple black box and hidden (and revealed) text.

Type & Palette


The pacing for the title sequence didn't deviate much from the very first storyboard of the concept. The amount of chaos and moving parts, however, was reduced as the animation itself became more refined. The color palette shifted around as well. These changes are detailed in the process book.


Branded ephemera