Re-Sew is a small-run publication that focuses on cloth mending and the importance of sustainability in regards to fashion. Appealing to an audience of both craft and clothing enthusiasts, the goal of Re-Sew is to advocate for “old” items and diminish the idea of “disposable” clothing.


  • Concept
  • Cover and interior design
  • Icon system
  • Photography

Book Overview

The design decisions regarding Re-Sew centered around creating a unique output with a small budget. Key features of this small-run publication include:

  • Neenah CLASSIC Linen Antique Gray paper
  • Risograph printing
  • Illustrated tutorials
  • Bellyband with needle

Type & Palette

Icon System

An icon system was created to make the tutorials easier to understand. I wanted to advantage of the happy accidents that Risograph printing produces and designed the images with thick solids. Since each book produced going to looks a little different as a result, they become a little more personal.


Because the budget was small and each book was bound by hand, there were many limitations that had to be considered. These limitations impacted the most pressing issue of how to condense a lot of information into something smaller and more digestible. The earliest ideation of Re-Sew featured diecuts, which would have not been feasible with this in mind.


Re-Sewing Circle

Re-Sew aims to cultivate a community of menders that share tips, tricks, and projects with each other. While the Re-Sew booklets are meant to be shared within one's social circle whether it consists of fellow crafters or not, Re-Sew's website serves as a hub specifically for people who share Re-Sew's values.

Social media also helps facilitate communication and socialization. Posts are shared between the website and social media accounts to reach a wider audience without isolating Re-Sew's primary demographics.