Petite Pan

Petite Pan is a woman-owned and operated bakery that provides fresh bread and a warm, inviting atmosphere reminiscent of one’s own home. Petite Pan's name combines the French word for “small” and the near-universal word for bread: “pan.” The name relates to the goal of conveying the universal appeal of fresh bread.


  • Logo and end tag
  • Typography and palette
  • Icons and pattern
  • Stationery, packaging, menu, uniform
  • Ephemera

Brand Identity

It was important for Petite Pan to market itself as approachable. The overall goal was to foster a comfortable and cozy environment without being too casual. The feeling of occasion needed to be maintained as to not disappoint the crowd of artisan aficionados.


Pattern, Type and Palette


Various touchpoints and ephemera were created to make use of arrangements of bread iconography. This icon system features other iconic types of bread, including sandwich and baguette (which is actually just French for “baton”!) to create interesting and versatile patterns to be used on branded materials.