This project relates old objects to books and their abilities to communicate. Even in a deteriorated state, you can tell if an object has been neglected or cherished. The muted palette emphasises the passage of time, and each object is illustrated as a letter to imply that there is an underlying but decipherable message.


  • Concept
  • Cover and interior design
  • Illustrations
  • Photography

Book Overview

Memento has no signatures; instead, it is an accordion folded book. The entirety of the book can be unfolded and layed out as one long strip of paper. Other components include:

  • French Paper Co. Speckletone: Madero Beach
  • Brown, textured end-pages
  • 26 illustrations

Type & Palette


The illustrations and imagery used in Memento are inspired by woodblock prints. I wanted to keep the imagery rough without looking too distressed. I referenced various vintage and antique items, but I didn't want any individual item to resemble a letterform too closely.


While the format and dimensions of the book stayed fairly consistent throughout the project, the original concept was more complex. Even the illustrations were intended to have more detail, and I also considered photography. A more detailed account of these decisions can be found in the process book.


Posters and Gifs