Hi, friend!

I’m Amarah, visual designer. My primary interests are typography, book design, and motion graphics, but in my free time I enjoy baking (bread, that is). Cooking and baking are big parts of my life, and my approach to making good design is similar to my approach to making good food. The primary purpose of food is to nourish, but it's always a better experience when it's tasty without being overly indulgent. I believe every project is an opportunity to learn something new, and my appetite for knowledge has yet to be satiated.

I particularly enjoy working with diverse groups of people, each with their own approach to design. Putting a bunch of different perspectives and outlooks in the same room is how you get to some crazy ideas (and a little headbutting keeps things interesting). Of course, innovation is important too, but it's also important to have fun along the way.

Lastly, I love a challenge and being challenged. It presents the opportunity to think in a way that is unfamiliar. The satisfaction of solving a puzzle or cracking a code is second to none, especially if it requires technical skill.

If I sound like a fit for your project and/or team, head on over to my Contact page, drop me an email, or message me on LinkedIn or Instagram!